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Whales & Dolphin Watching

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Why Whale watching ? Whale watching became one of latest trend of the Sri Lanka tourism. Recently Dondra point became world famous point for whale watching. There are major three types of whales can watching near dondra point. Not even that you can find dolphins near this area.  

You may find many whales and dolphins around this area and many guests visit for watching these wonderful and amazing animals of down south. Weligama and Mirissa are the major places that guests go for whale watching. Ones you visit for whale watching you may see how they travel together with others and their activities. November to April whales comes to find warm water and very easily can watch them in that season. Watching whales is unforgettable experience especially in down south. The whale watching program starts at 6.30 A.M in every morning. Within one day you can spend five or six hours in sea with whales. Total travel distance is 08 -09 nautical miles. We follow safety procedures for the passengers because of that reason you can join with us with your family and friends. While you in journey we provide Breakfast, refreshment and water bottle for every passenger. Not even that sanitation facilities also provided inside of the boat. The journey organized with pre identified whales sighting places, because of that reason possibility is high. J Lanka team provides very special document that is whales sighting report. On that document you cam mark how many whales you saw and amount. This is one of advantage of our program and that report consists with the all necessary details of whales can see in down south.  We have several packages with base your requirements. We have more than 16 years experience about tourism and we organize round up tours for major places of the Sri Lanka. 

Whale Watching at Mirissa Sea | whale watching tours in Weligama

Sri Lanka,Mirissa J Lanka guarantee that easiest places discovered to watch whales, allowing top spot to watch blue whales and sperm whales.We descovering whale watching start from Mirissa Beach ( between Weligama and Matara) Long Latitude 80.45°’ and Magnitude 5.95° There are many kind of whales available one of biggest animal blue whales and some other spices you can see on this sea.


We advice the booking of your whale watching tour in advance, especially during the high season (December – March).
For reservation you can use our Reservation Form or make reservation by e-mail or phone.
We offer free trip another day if the weather conditions will be not suitable or if you will see no whale on your requested day.