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Other Services

Family Tour

Sri Lanka is blessed with unspoiled beautiful coastline, claim seas, sunshine, cool uplands, multi cultural, surprising friendly people making Sri Lanka an exceptional family tour destination. A family tour in Sri Lanka definitely will make a pleasure for everyone

Research & Conservation

Whales communicate with sound. They use long songs and clicks and noise from ship propellers create a lot of background noise that could disrupt their communication.we are practices Whale and Dolphin conservation society code of conduct for Whale & Dolphin watching.

Bay Cruises

Mirissa bay is an ideal cruising ground with lovely beaches protected by a coral reef. Anchoring for a snorkel, swim and/or picnic can be arranged. The boat can be hired for a full day to explore the bay or for a romantic sunset sail at dusk.

Snorkelling Safaris

Our crew will accompany you by boat to find the best snorkelling spots in the bay where you can see beautiful reef fish, corals and even the occasional turtle and basking shark. Snorkelling equipment provided. Minimum 2 hours.